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Where Newcastle United Could Stand in the Premier League with Deserved Points



Where Newcastle United Could Stand in the Premier League with Deserved Points

Where Newcastle United Could Stand in the Premier League with Deserved Points. As of Sunday morning, the Premier League table reflects Newcastle United’s standing after 15 matches. The question arises: do their performances warrant their current position, or should they have more points?

Current Premier League Standings

After 15 matches, Newcastle United boasts eight wins, two draws, and five losses, accumulating 26 points, placing them seventh in the table.

Game-by-Game Analysis

Here’s an evaluation of each of the 15 matches, questioning whether Newcastle United earned the points they currently have:

  • Newcastle 5, Villa 1: Fair
  • Man City 1, Newcastle 0: Fair
  • Newcastle 1, Liverpool 2: NUFC deserved to win
  • Brighton 3, Newcastle 1: Fair
  • Newcastle 1, Brentford 0: Fair
  • Sheff Utd 0, Newcastle 8: Fair
  • Newcastle 2, Burnley 0: Fair
  • West Ham 2, Newcastle 2: NUFC deserved to win
  • Newcastle 4, Palace 0: Fair
  • Wolves 2, Newcastle 2: Fair
  • Newcastle 1, Arsenal 0: Fair
  • Bournemouth 2, Newcastle 0: Fair
  • Newcastle 4, Chelsea 1: Fair
  • Newcastle 1, Man U 0: Fair
  • Everton 3, Newcastle 0: Fair

In the author’s opinion, 13 out of 15 results align with the performances.

Controversial Matches: West Ham and Liverpool

While the Everton match could be seen as a potential draw, the author concedes Everton’s win. However, the West Ham match, where Newcastle dominated the second half, is considered a missed opportunity. The Liverpool match drew criticism from some fans, with the author arguing that NUFC could have won if luck had been on their side.

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Examining Liverpool Luck

The article delves into Liverpool’s overall luck in the season, highlighting instances where they secured points they didn’t necessarily deserve. Similar observations are made for other top teams like Man U and Tottenham.

Potential Standings with Deserved Points

With an additional five points from the West Ham and Liverpool matches, Newcastle United could currently be fourth in the table, only three points behind Liverpool and five behind Arsenal.

Final Thoughts

The author reflects on the fine margins that separate success from failure and expresses hope for a turn in luck for Newcastle United, both in terms of injuries and results.

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Luton Town 1-2 Manchester City – Champions Fight Back To Return To Winning Ways




Luton Town 1-2 Manchester City - Champions Fight Back To Return To Winning Ways

Manchester City Overcomes Early Setback to Secure Victory

Luton Town 1-2 Manchester City – Champions Fight Back To Return To Winning Ways. In the absence of Erling Haaland due to a foot injury, Manchester City faced a challenging situation against Luton Town. However, the Premier League champions displayed resilience, staging a comeback at Kenilworth Road. Goals from Bernardo Silva and Jack Grealish secured a 2-1 victory, ending City’s winless streak in the Premier League.

Second-Half Turnaround: Bernardo Silva and Jack Grealish Lead the Charge

The turning point came in the second half, with two quick goals in three minutes from Bernardo Silva and Jack Grealish. Despite the absence of Haaland, City struggled early on to find cohesion in the attacking third. Luton’s goalkeeper, Thomas Kaminski, made crucial saves, denying Phil Foden three times in the first half and making a spectacular stop from Ruben Dias after the break.

Guardiola Concerns and Title Challenge

Pep Guardiola’s team faced the challenge of a potential fifth consecutive game without a victory at halftime. Trailing seven points behind league leaders Liverpool, the absence of Haaland and Kevin de Bruyne until the new year added to the champions’ concerns. Guardiola must navigate the title race carefully, ensuring his team remains competitive until the return of key players.

Player of the Match Phil Foden Resilience

Despite Haaland’s absence, Phil Foden emerged as the standout player for Manchester City. His relentless efforts in the final third and creativity played a crucial role in the team’s comeback. Foden, had it not been for Kaminski’s saves, could have capped his performance with a goal.

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Match Highlights

    Adebayo’s header from a Townsend cross gave Luton a deserved lead at the end of the first half.
  • 59′ SAVE
    Kaminski’s exceptional save denied Dias’ powerful shot, maintaining Luton’s lead.
    Bernardo Silva’s brilliant finish leveled the score after Rodri’s contribution in the build-up.
    Grealish secured the victory for City with a well-taken goal after a quick counter-attack.
  • 68′ CLOSE:
    Barkley’s attempt from distance narrowly missed the target, showcasing Luton’s resilience.

Player Ratings

  • Luton Town: Kaminski 7; Mengi 7, Lockyer 6, Bell 6; Doughty 7, Nakamba 6, Barkley 7, Giles 6; Townsend 7, Adebayo 7, Brown 6
  • Manchester City: Ederson 6; Walker 6, Dias 6, Ake 6, Gvardiol 7; Rodrigo 6, Kovacic 6, Bernardo 7; Foden 8, Alvarez 7, Grealish 7

Key Stat

Jack Grealish’s second-half winner marked his fiftieth career goal.


Manchester City’s victory propels them within four points of the Premier League’s summit, while Luton remains in the relegation zone. Guardiola’s team faces challenges but remains a formidable contender in the title race.

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