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The Sa Government Plans To Spend Nearly $3.5 Million On Infrastructure At Felmeri Homes’ O’Halloran Hill Development



The Sa Government Plans To Spend Nearly $3.5 Million On Infrastructure At Felmeri Homes' O'Halloran Hill Development

The Sa Government Plans To Spend Nearly $3.5 Million On Infrastructure At Felmeri Homes’ O’Halloran Hill Development. In a significant move, the South Australian government has committed to investing almost $3.5 million in essential infrastructure at the Felmeri Homes development in O’Halloran Hill, Adelaide’s southern region. This decision comes after the collapse of the building company, Felmeri Homes, left 20 homebuyers with incomplete properties, sparking a crisis in the housing estate.

Initial Infrastructure Challenges and Homebuyers Plight

Originally, the government estimated the cost of building an access road to be over $1 million. Premier Peter Malinauskas highlighted the challenge faced by homebuyers, unable to utilize mandatory building indemnity insurance funds due to the absence of a completed access road.

Homeowners found themselves in a predicament as builders couldn’t access the properties for necessary fixes.

Unforeseen Costs and Government Revised Investment

Transport Minister Tom Koustantonis revealed on Sunday that the government’s expenditure had risen to nearly $3.5 million due to the discovery of numerous defects at the site.

Issues such as insufficient cabling depth, inadequate stormwater provisions, and deficient retention basins necessitated additional spending. Retroactive infrastructure work became imperative to rectify oversights in the initial construction phase.

Infrastructure Defects Uncovered: The Retrofitting Process

An update to residents on December 4 outlined further work requirements, including additional electrical services, a fire main, and the installation of communication services. The retrofitting process became essential to address the shortcomings found in the existing infrastructure.

Council Role and Government’s Legal Pursuit

Minister Koustantonis criticized the City of Marion, alleging that the council approved construction without ensuring proper infrastructure.

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He expressed disappointment in the council’s actions and emphasized the government’s commitment to exploring legal avenues for cost recovery.

Appeal for Council Support

In response, the government called on the City of Marion to waive residents’ rates as a gesture of support. Mayor Kris Hanna defended the council’s planning approval, asserting that the issue lies with the builder and that the council cannot use ratepayers’ funds to improve private property.

Homebuyers Struggle and Adaptation to New Construction Plans

Despite the government’s intervention in infrastructure development, homebuyers have had to engage new builders to complete their properties. Contractors are permitted on-site for individual homes during the concurrent infrastructure construction.

Homebuyer Edward Gilmore expressed optimism about moving into his property by May, though the road’s completion is expected by July. The extended timeline has posed challenges for residents in planning their lives amid the uncertainties.

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Where Newcastle United Could Stand in the Premier League with Deserved Points




Where Newcastle United Could Stand in the Premier League with Deserved Points

Where Newcastle United Could Stand in the Premier League with Deserved Points. As of Sunday morning, the Premier League table reflects Newcastle United’s standing after 15 matches. The question arises: do their performances warrant their current position, or should they have more points?

Current Premier League Standings

After 15 matches, Newcastle United boasts eight wins, two draws, and five losses, accumulating 26 points, placing them seventh in the table.

Game-by-Game Analysis

Here’s an evaluation of each of the 15 matches, questioning whether Newcastle United earned the points they currently have:

  • Newcastle 5, Villa 1: Fair
  • Man City 1, Newcastle 0: Fair
  • Newcastle 1, Liverpool 2: NUFC deserved to win
  • Brighton 3, Newcastle 1: Fair
  • Newcastle 1, Brentford 0: Fair
  • Sheff Utd 0, Newcastle 8: Fair
  • Newcastle 2, Burnley 0: Fair
  • West Ham 2, Newcastle 2: NUFC deserved to win
  • Newcastle 4, Palace 0: Fair
  • Wolves 2, Newcastle 2: Fair
  • Newcastle 1, Arsenal 0: Fair
  • Bournemouth 2, Newcastle 0: Fair
  • Newcastle 4, Chelsea 1: Fair
  • Newcastle 1, Man U 0: Fair
  • Everton 3, Newcastle 0: Fair

In the author’s opinion, 13 out of 15 results align with the performances.

Controversial Matches: West Ham and Liverpool

While the Everton match could be seen as a potential draw, the author concedes Everton’s win. However, the West Ham match, where Newcastle dominated the second half, is considered a missed opportunity. The Liverpool match drew criticism from some fans, with the author arguing that NUFC could have won if luck had been on their side.

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Examining Liverpool Luck

The article delves into Liverpool’s overall luck in the season, highlighting instances where they secured points they didn’t necessarily deserve. Similar observations are made for other top teams like Man U and Tottenham.

Potential Standings with Deserved Points

With an additional five points from the West Ham and Liverpool matches, Newcastle United could currently be fourth in the table, only three points behind Liverpool and five behind Arsenal.

Final Thoughts

The author reflects on the fine margins that separate success from failure and expresses hope for a turn in luck for Newcastle United, both in terms of injuries and results.

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