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Qatar ID Renewal Process Through Metrash2



Qatar ID Renewal Process Through Metrash2

A Qatar ID is one of the most important documents for anyone living in Qatar. Qatar ID holders must be aware of their QID expiration and renewal dates. If your QID is nearing its expiration date, you should renew it as soon as possible to avoid penalties and fines. QID renewal is simple and can be done on your smartphone from the comfort of your home.

Metrash2 is an app that lets you renew your Qatar ID online, and it is the easiest way to do so. The Ministry of Interior of Qatar has developed Metrash 2.

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Qatar ID Renewal Fees:

  • Sponsorships for the wife, children, and entire family are 500 QR. (1 year)
  • QR 1,000 for employees sponsored by businesses, institutions, or shops. (1 year)
  • QR 300 for employees sponsored by their employers, servants, farmers, and sailors. (1 year)
  • If you renew your sponsorship for three years, you will receive a 20% discount (for personal sponsorship, company sponsorship, wife, children, and family sponsorship).
  • If you choose Qatar Post for delivery, you must pay an additional QR 20.

Qatar ID Renewal Process Through Metrash2

  • You need to log in to your Metrash2 account.

  • Select “Residency”

  • Then click “Residency Renewal”.

  • Select either Personal (individuals) or Company Residency Renewal, and then click “Next”.

Personal Renewal (individuals):

  • Choose the QID number that needs to be renewed (up to five QID numbers at a time).

Renewal of a company:

  • The QID number to be renewed (maximum twenty at once) will be selected, then click “Add”.
  • Choose the RP/Qatar ID renewal period.
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  • Choose the delivery option for your new residence permit or Qatar ID.

  • Enter the address where the new residence permit or Qatar ID should be delivered.

How to Renew Qatar ID (QID) Offline

 For Citizens

QIDs may be renewed offline at the Nationality and Travel Documents Department.

  • You can download the application and fill it out.
  • The Qatar ID card should be brought when you renew it. If you are over 65 years old, you should submit two personal/passport-sized photos.
  • Pay applicable fees.

For Expatriates

  • You can download the application and fill it out.

Please attach the following documents:

  • A copy of a valid employer’s ID (Personal sponsorships).
  • Copy of employer’s Establishment ID (Government entities, institutions, companies, etc.).
  • The application form must be submitted along with the necessary documents to the Expatriates Affairs Department.

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Qatar ID Guides

MOI Qatar ID Check Online 2023




MOI Qatar ID Check Online 2023

Qatar ID check involves verifying an individual’s identity by using their Qatari ID card. The ID card contains information about the holder, including their name, photograph, date of birth, and residence status.

Qatar ID card is a crucial document that enables access to healthcare, opening bank accounts, and applying for government services.

ID checks ensure that the person presenting a card is indeed the rightful owner, and they play an important role in maintaining the security and integrity of various institutions and services.

How Many Ways to Check Qatar ID Status?

To verify MOI qatar id validity, you can use the following methods:

Qatar ID Check Online

Qatar ID status can be checked online by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Interior and entering your Qatar ID number and date of birth.

Using the Metrash2 Mobile App

Metrash2 is available for Android and iOS devices. This app allows you to check your Qatar ID status and perform other government-related functions.

Using Self-Service

In several locations throughout Qatar, including shopping malls and government offices, self-service is available. You can use this to check the status of your Qatar ID and perform other government transactions.

Utilizing any of these methods, you can make sure that your MOI Qatar ID is valid and that your personal information is accurate.

MOI Qatar ID Check Online

By following these steps, you can check MOI Qatar ID Status online.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Qatar Ministry of Interior.

Button text

Step 2: Enter your “Qatar ID Number”.

Qatar ID Check

Step 3: Fill out the “captcha”.

Step 4: Next, click on the “Search” button.

That’s it! Qatar ID card expiration date, passport expiration date, and residency expiration date will be displayed by the system.

If you typed in the wrong Qatar ID number and did not get a result, press the “reset” button and type again.

Qatar Visa Check Online 2023

Qatar ID Check By Passport Number

The following steps will show you how to check your Qatar ID using your passport number.

Step 1: Visit the MOI Qatar ID Check page.

Step 2: Enter your “Passport Number”.

Step 3: Choose your “Nationality” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Fill the “Captcha” showing on your screen.

Step 5: Then, Click on the “Search” button.

The Qatar ID Card status can be checked online if you do not have a QID number. Select the passport number row and type your passport number, select your nationality, and press the “search” button.

The following video tutorial provides complete instructions.

Qatar ID Check Online By Video Guide

Qatar ID Check On Metrash Wallet

With Metrash2, the Ministry of Interior mobile app, you can now access digital copies of your personal identity documents for use with Ministry of Interior (MOI) services.

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The documents available in the E-Wallet include:

  • Qatar ID Card
  • Qatar Driving License
  • Vehicle Permit (Istimara)
  • Fancy Number Ownership

How To Check Qatar ID on Metrash App

The Metrash2 app includes a Wallet feature that can be accessed in the following way:

Step 1: Enter your QID number and PIN code to log in to the Metrash2 app

Step 2: From the main menu on top, select “Wallet”

Step 3: Select the document you want to display

With Metrash2, the Ministry of Interior mobile app, you can now access digital copies of your personal identity documents for use with Ministry of Interior (MOI) services.

The documents available in the E-Wallet include:

  • Qatar ID Card
  • Qatar Driving License
  • Vehicle Permit (Istimara)
  • Fancy Number Ownership

What is Qatar ID?

Qatar ID is a national identity card issued by the government of Qatar to its citizens, residents, and foreign workers. A Qatar ID is used as proof of identity and residency for a variety of purposes, including opening a bank account, getting a driving license, and accessing government services.

The card serves as a means of verifying someone’s identity, and it is required in various situations. A QID contains the cardholder’s photo, name, QID number, birthdate, nationality, signature, and sponsor details.

An 11-digit number known as a QID number confirms an expat’s identity and residency rights in Qatar by storing personal information in the government database. If you are intrusted in Kuwait Civil ID Status to click provided link read complete info.

Where to Apply for Qatar ID?

Visit the Ministry of Interior Qatar website and submit an online application for a Qatar ID. Go to the “Department Services” page, select “Official Documents Services”, then select “Qatar ID Card Request” to view the requirements.

What are the Requirements to Apply For a Qatar ID?

Below are the required documents to apply for a Qatar ID:

  • A passport-sized photo for children under 12 and an older photo for those over 5
  • A filled-out and attested application form Download from the Ministry of Interior’s website
  • original passport and 1 photocopy of your passport
  • blood group results
  • 1 photocopy of your birth certificate
  • 1 photocopy of your parents’ Qatar ID card
  • Parental or guardian consent letter
  • Physical appearance for first-time applicants
  • Results of a medical examination and blood typing
  • Fingerprint record

Moreover, there are additional requirements detailed below:

  • A medical examination that includes an X-ray report
  • Blood typing
  • If expat workers are involved, the employer must complete any other necessary formalities and pay for the application fee for the ID card

How to check my Qatar ID online?

check your Qatar ID online, follow these steps.

Qatar ID check with QID number

  1. Visit the MOI Qatar ID Check Portal
  2. Enter your QID number
  3. Next, complete the captcha
  4. Click on the search button

To check the status of your Qatar ID card if you have typed in the incorrect QID number, simply press the reset button and try again.

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Qatar ID check with passport number

  1. Visit the MOI Qatar ID Check Portal
  2. Enter your passport number
  3. You can choose your nationality from a drop-down menu
  4. Click the “search” button

Fees for smart QID

Residents can apply for smart IDs and choose the services and their duration using this service provided by the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

  • There is a QR100 fee for a smart card, the same as for a traditional ID card.
  • E-gate services cost QR100 per year.
  • An e-gate service costs QR150 per year.
  • For QR200, you can subscribe to e-gate services for three years.

Note: There will be additional fees depending on the length and type of electronic services offered.

Benefits of Smart QID Card

Smart Qatar Identification has several benefits for individuals. The following are some advantages of using a Smart QID card:

  • Identification: Qatar uses it as an official form of identification. You can use it for various transactions and services, including government agencies, private institutions, and businesses.
  • Convenience: There is no need for multiple physical identification documents to be carried. The card incorporates essential personal information, such as a name, a photo, a date of birth, and a residential status, into a single package.
  • Secure Authentication: This device employs advanced security features, such as a microchip and biometric data (for example, fingerprints or facial recognition). The features on the card enhance security and prevent identity theft and fraud.
  • Access to Government Services: The site provides individuals with access to many government portals, including those concerning residency permits, driver’s licenses, healthcare, and social benefits. In this way, identity and personal information are verified digitally, simplifying the process.
  • Digital Services: Smart QID facilitates digitally online transactions. It can be used for e-government services, online banking, digital signatures, and secure access to multiple online platforms.
  • Integration with Smart Devices: It can be integrated with compatible smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for quick and convenient authentication. In this way, individuals can use their Smart Cards for a variety of digital purposes, including contactless transactions and access to digital platforms.
  • Travel Benefits: It can be used for travel within member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). In the GCC, residents with a Smart QID can use it instead of their passports at border crossings.

Note: The specific benefits and functionalities of the Smart QID may vary over time depending on the policies and services offered by the relevant Qatari authorities.

Qatar ID Numbers – What They Mean?

There are some Qataris who are curious about what the numbers on their Qatari IDs mean. Here’s the answer. Your ID numbers contain information about your age and nationality, allowing government officials to verify your age and nationality within seconds. An IQAMA is an Arabic word for a Qatari identification number.

Here’s how to read it:

  • 1st Digit: If you were born between 1900 and 1999, you are 2; if you were born after 2000, you are 3.
  • 2nd and 3rd Digits: They are the last two digits of your birth year.
  • 4th, 5th, and 6th Digits: Your country’s ISO code.
  • Last five digits: Number of Qataris born in the same year as you.
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FAQs About MOI Qatar ID Check

Q1) What is the cost of the Qatar ID?

Ans:- The fee for the first time applicant and those renewing their QIDs is QR 100. According to, replacing a lost or damaged QID costs QR 200.

Q2) What are the documents required for Qatar ID check?

Ans:- A Qatar ID card must be presented to perform the Qatar ID check. Passports and driving licenses, for instance, may be required for verification purposes.

Q3) What is the processing time for obtaining a Qatar ID?

Ans:- It generally takes 2-4 days to process the application, depending on the medical result and fingerprints collected. Depending on the transaction, you may also need your passport.

Q4) What happens if someone fails the Qatar ID check?

Ans:- When someone fails the Qatar ID check, their identity cannot be verified, and they may be denied access to services or transactions. The reason for the failure may need to be investigated further in some cases.

Q5) How long is a Qatar ID card valid for?

Ans:- Qatar ID cards are valid for 10 years for citizens and 5 years for residents. Renewal of the card is required after its expiration date in order to continue using it as a valid form of identification.

Q6) How can I obtain a blood-type certificate?

Ans:- There are clinics across the country that can issue blood type certificates. There is a small fee associated with this certificate. You can schedule your medical exam and blood test with the Medical Commission once you receive your certificate.

Q7) What is the location of a fingerprinting service?

Ans:- Registration of fingerprints is required at the Ministry of Interior. Those in Qatar should go to the fingerprinting headquarters on Salwa Road near the flyover over the Industrial Area. Also available are services at Al Khor, Mesaimeer, and Duhail.

Q8) How does NOC Qatar work?

Ans:- The No Objection Certificate is also known as the NOC. The document certifies that the employer will not oppose the employee’s job change.


The Qatar ID is an essential document for every Qatari national and resident. There is no exemption for minors or adults when it comes to carrying it. For all government transactions, including license applications and medical care, an ID is required.

Your ID must be renewed every year. The Qatar Visa Center in the employee’s home country can assist employers in getting Qatar IDs for their workers. You must check the status of your Moi Qatar Visa online before applying to QID to know when it expires.

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