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Marabu Airlines Signs Agreement With Ink Innovation



Marabu Airlines Signs Agreement With Ink Innovation

Marabu Airlines Signs Agreement With Ink Innovation . Marabu OÜ, a burgeoning leisure airline based in Germany, has recently entered into a strategic partnership with travel technology company, Ink Innovation. The agreement solidifies Ink Innovation’s commitment to providing Marabu with cutting-edge solutions geared towards enhancing both passenger experience and operational efficiency.

Streamlined Operations and Rapid Setup

Marabu, specializing in flights to leisure destinations across the Mediterranean, deliberately selected Ink Innovation to facilitate the swift establishment of its operations. The primary objective is to deliver an unparalleled experience for passengers, setting Marabu apart in the competitive airline industry.

Flexible Solutions for a Dynamic Startup

Diana Strauss, Director Customer Journey at Marabu, emphasized the need for a partner that matches their agility. “We need a partner that is as flexible and fast as we are,” she explained. The successful rollout of Ink Innovation’s Departure Control System (Ink DCS) within a mere two months underscores the shared commitment to agility and efficiency.

Cloud-Hosted Departure Control System

Marabu has adopted Ink Innovation’s cloud-hosted Departure Control System, a pivotal component that empowers the airline to manage various operational aspects in the cloud. This includes seamless management of check-in, boarding, flight logistics, and baggage processing. The implementation of Ink Web Check-In further simplifies and enhances the online check-in experience for Marabu’s passengers.

Enabling Long-Term Growth

Blaine Powell, Chief Sales Officer at Ink Innovation, expressed excitement about supporting Marabu’s long-term growth plans, particularly as the airline aims to expand its services across Europe. Powell emphasized that Ink Innovation’s suite of flexible and easily implementable passenger handling solutions plays a crucial role in simplifying the setup of new airline operations while simultaneously elevating customer experiences.

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The collaboration between Marabu and Ink Innovation signifies a commitment to innovation and excellence in the airline industry. By leveraging Ink Innovation’s technical solutions, Marabu is poised not only to streamline its operational processes but also to provide passengers with a superior and hassle-free travel experience. As Marabu sets its sights on European expansion, the partnership with Ink Innovation is positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the airline.

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A Manufacturing Branch Could Be Opened By Turkish Airlines




A Manufacturing Branch Could Be Opened By Turkish Airlines

A Manufacturing Branch Could Be Opened By Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines (TK), headquartered in Istanbul, is embarking on an ambitious plan to bolster Türkiye aeronautical industry and alleviate global supply chain challenges. According to a report by Bloomberg, the airline aims to augment its aircraft component manufacturing business, selling parts to other carriers while forging partnerships with industry giant Boeing.

This strategic move seeks to domestically produce seats and engine components, tapping into Türkiye potential capacity to provide a reliable source of supply amidst industry-wide delays and the need to extend the lifespan of older aircraft models.

Turkish Airlines Chairman Vision

Ahmet Bolat, Chairman of Turkish Airlines, expressed optimism about the potential collaboration with Boeing, emphasizing the mutual benefits it could yield. Bolat highlighted that leveraging Türkiye’s manufacturing prowess could address the pressing supply chain demands faced by Boeing and the aviation industry as a whole.

Ongoing Negotiations And Strategic Orders

Negotiations between Turkish Airlines and Boeing are in an advanced stage, with the airline eyeing a substantial aircraft order. This development comes in the wake of Turkish Airlines’ previous agreement with Airbus for 220 aircraft, underlining its commitment to fleet modernization and strategic growth. Chief Financial Officer Murat Şeker reiterated the significance of these orders in securing the airline’s future growth prospects during an annual investor call.

Current Fleet And Future Expansion

Turkish Airlines currently holds orders for 292 aircraft, comprising a mix of Airbus A321-200NX, A350-1000s, A350-900s, A350Fs, and Boeing 787-9s. While negotiations with Boeing progress, discussions with engine manufacturer CFM International have encountered challenges, primarily concerning pricing disputes, as reported by Swiss aviation news outlet AeroTELEGRAPH.

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Future Prospects And Fleet Dynamics

Although Turkish Airlines recently opted for Airbus A350 aircraft, the possibility of incorporating Boeing B777X remains open for future considerations. Despite the existing order, the airline remains flexible in its fleet expansion plans, indicating potential avenues for collaboration beyond its current commitments.


Turkish Airlines strategic initiatives to expand its aircraft component manufacturing business signify a significant step towards invigorating Türkiye aeronautical industry and addressing global supply chain bottlenecks. With ongoing negotiations with Boeing and a robust order backlog, the airline is poised to fortify its position in the aviation market while contributing to Türkiye’s industrial growth trajectory.

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