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Irish Rugby Livery Repaint On Airbus A320 By Aer Lingus



Irish Rugby Livery Repaint On Airbus A320 By Aer Lingus

Irish Rugby Livery Repaint On Airbus A320 By Aer Lingus. As Ireland competes fiercely in the Home Nations tournament, Aer Lingus, the national carrier, proudly displays its support with a vibrant new livery on one of its Airbus A320 aircraft. This article delves into the details of this exciting collaboration between Aer Lingus and the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU), showcasing the union of aviation and sportsmanship.

Irish Rugby Livery Repaint On Airbus A320 By Aer Lingus

In a striking display of solidarity with the national rugby team, Aer Lingus has unveiled a captivating new livery on one of its aging Airbus A320 aircraft. This aircraft, bearing the registration EI-DEG and affectionately named “St. Fachtna,” has served faithfully with the airline for nearly two decades. Adorned with the images of esteemed Irish players including Robbie Henshaw, Caelan Doris, Josh van der Flier, and Tadhg Furlong, alongside iconic rugby symbols like the ball and shamrock, the aircraft proudly bears the title “Official Airline of the Irish Rugby Team.”

Supporting Irish Rugby Through the Skies

The timing of this livery’s debut couldn’t be more fitting, as it coincides with Ireland’s spirited participation in the 2024 Home Nations tournament. With an impeccable record of three wins from three matches, the Irish team’s stellar performance has captured the nation’s enthusiasm. As the tournament progresses, anticipation builds for key matchups against formidable opponents like England and Scotland.

Continued Tradition of Rugby Support

Aer Lingus commitment to Irish rugby extends beyond mere paint on a plane. Over the years, the airline has actively supported the national team and its devoted fans through various initiatives. From operating special flights during tournaments to distributing complimentary Irish Rugby jerseys to passengers, Aer Lingus has consistently demonstrated its dedication to the sport and its community.

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A Legacy Of Partnership

The collaboration between Aer Lingus and the IRFU is deeply rooted, spanning several years of shared endeavors. Serving as the official airline of the Irish Rugby Team, Aer Lingus has played a pivotal role in transporting the team to crucial fixtures and engaging in collaborative marketing campaigns. Noteworthy moments, such as Ireland’s historic Grand Slam victory in the 2018 Home Nations, underscore the significance of this enduring partnership.

Looking Ahead

As Aer Lingus prepares to make aviation history as the launch customer of the Airbus A321XLR, speculation arises about the possibility of future rugby-inspired liveries gracing its fleet. With the potential for one of these cutting-edge aircraft to carry the spirit of Irish rugby to even greater heights, the partnership between Aer Lingus and the IRFU is poised for continued success and celebration.


In the dynamic intersection of aviation and sports, Aer Lingus’s vibrant rugby livery serves as a powerful symbol of national pride and unity. As Ireland rugby journey unfolds both on the field and in the skies, Aer Lingus stands firmly behind its team, embodying the spirit of support and camaraderie that defines the nation’s love for the game.

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Japan Airlines’ devastating fire killed two passengers’ pets but all passengers survived




Japan Airlines' devastating fire killed two passengers' pets but all passengers survived

Japan Airlines’ devastating fire killed two passengers’ pets but all passengers survived, Japan Airlines is under scrutiny and offering apologies following a devastating incident at Tokyo Haneda Airport on Tuesday. While miraculously all passengers survived, the incident resulted in the tragic loss of two passengers’ pets.

Apology from Japan Airlines

Expressing deep condolences for the loss, a spokesperson for Japan Airlines acknowledged the significance of pets as family members. However, specific details about the type of animals involved were not publicly disclosed.

Aircraft Collision and Subsequent Fire

The catastrophe unfolded when a Japan Airlines Airbus A350 collided with a smaller De Havilland Dash 8 operated by the Japan Coast Guard on the runway. This collision led to a fire, resulting in the death of five people on the Coast Guard aircraft.

Efficient Evacuation Amidst Challenges

Despite challenges such as the A350 bursting into flames, intercom malfunctions, and over half the emergency exits being unusable, all 379 people on board the Airbus A350 managed to evacuate safely. Experts praised the efficiency of the Japan Airlines crew, emphasizing the importance of passengers leaving their luggage behind.

Tragic Losses and Survivor Struggles:

The deceased were exclusively on the Coast Guard aircraft, and the surviving pilot suffered serious injuries. Reports indicate that it was his third flight in 24 hours, engaged in disaster relief for victims of a prior earthquake.

Discrepancies in Clearance

Both Japan Airlines and the Coast Guard asserted that their planes had been cleared to enter the runway. However, air traffic control transcripts contradicted this, revealing that the Coast Guard captain had been instructed to stay short of the runway at a holding point.

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Historical Context

This incident marks the first fatal crash involving Japan Airlines in almost four decades. The deadliest crash in the airline’s history occurred in 1985 with Flight 123, involving a Boeing 747, where 520 people lost their lives due to a faulty repair leading to a tail failure.


The tragic events at Haneda Airport underscore the complexities and potential risks in air travel. As investigations unfold, questions arise about communication and clearance procedures, while Japan Airlines faces the aftermath with apologies and condolences for the lives lost and the grieving families.

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